History tells that the Liège Waffle dough recipe enriched with pearl sugar was invented during the 18th century by the cook of the Prince of Liège.

SO GOOD is proud to perpetuate in Belgium the Liège Vanilla flavoured Waffle traditional recipe.


To add cinnamon to the waffle dough is an ancient alternative to the traditional recipe of the Liège waffle.

The cinnamon flavour by SO GOOD is perfectly balanced and prepared with first choice cinnamon powder. A tasty and subtle flavour !


SO GOOD proposes an amazing cinnamon flavoured waffel which dough is enriched with fresh apple chunks.

This original combination gives a taste close to the delicious "Tarte Tatin": the famous French apple/cinnamon pie served warm and often topped with vanilla ice cream.
Delicious !

gaufres amandes


The almonds favour by SO GOOD is a «rich cuisine» variation of the traditional Liège waffle recipe obtained by flavouring the dough with natural almonds extracts and adding delicious first quality crushed almonds.


The walnuts flavour by SO GOOD is dedicated to all original flavours lovers !

SO GOOD proposes a combination of crushed walnut halves with a twist of cinnamon added to the traditional dough.