Waffle dough

Our waffle dough is packed and delivered in boxes containing 130 single doses, arranged in 5 trays of 26 doses each.

SO GOOD ensures the proper packaging and preservation of the dough and guarantees to its clients the full compliance of its products with the strictest European end North American food sefety requirements:

AFSCA for Europe (Food Chain Safety Federal Agency) and FDA for the USA (Food and Drug Administration).

So Good Waffle

The Liège Waffle inherits from a 300 years culinary tradition praised everyqhere in the Belgian Kindom and beyond. Thanks to its know-how. SO GOOD produces waffle dough following the original Liège Waffel recipe and using only top quality ingredients.

SO GOOD demonstrates its creativity by producing a digestible waffle dough in a variety of exclusive flavours

SO GOOD meets therefore the actual consumtion trends and tastes. Keeping the quality to the highest standards.

Discover our flavours

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